Mark Nottle

Mark Nottle heads the Reproductive Biotechnology Group at the University of Adelaide. He is internationally recognised for pioneering the development of large animal transgenic technology  for agricultural and biomedical applications by undertaking basic research across a variety of areas in particular oocyte and embryo development.  His research has resulted in a number of world firsts including being the first group to produce cloned pigs from a frozen cell line which resulted in his Group being one of the first to perform a gene knockout  in pigs.  Other achievements includes a   major breakthrough in embryo freezing which was published in Nature. His research has also resulted in major advances in our understanding of oocyte maturation which has contributed to the development of in vitro embryo production systems for  livestock species as well as having implications for human assisted reproduction. His current research is focussed on embryonic stem cells including developing the pig as a much needed large animal model for human stem cell research. He has published over 100 refereed publications, attracted over 20 million in research funding from a variety of sources and is regularly invited to speak at  international and national conferences. He has supervised numerous Honour and PhD students and mentored many Postdoctoral Fellows  whom  have gone on to have successful careers in their  own rights. He is a long standing member of Several International Societies including SRB.  He has been a member of the Editorial Board for the Japanese Journal Reproduction  and Development for over a decade and is a referee for the NHMRC and ARC and numerous  international journals.