Caroline Gargett

Associate Professor Caroline Gargett is a NHMRC Senior Research, Deputy Director of the Ritchie Centre, Head of the Endometrial Stem Cell Biology Laboratory at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research and an adjunct member of Monash University Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She discovered adult stem cells in the endometrium as well as specific markers to purify these epithelial progenitors and mesenchymal stem cells. Her current research investigates the role of endometrial stem/progenitor cells in endometriosis and she is developing endometrial mesenchymal stem cells as a cell-based therapy for urogynaecological applications. She has authored 95 peer reviewed publications and 12 book chapters and has been funded by the NHMRC, Australian Stem Cell Centre and numerous philanthropic organisations. She has received a number of international awards including from ESHRE, SRI and the Endometriosis Foundation of America. She is a Board Member of the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia and on the Editorial Boards of Biology of Reproduction, Reproductive Sciences and Scientific Reports. She has been an Associate Editor for Human Reproduction and Fertility & Sterility.