Kate Loveland

Professor Kate Loveland holds a joint appointment in the Departments of Anatomy and Developmental Biology and the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Monash University, and has held NHMRC Research Fellowships since 2000. She graduated with a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from Duke University in 1987, having become captivated by the objective of understanding how sperm are assembled. Her lab’s research objective is to define key switches that guide cells from one differentiation state to the next in normal development and during disease, using the developing testis, where somatic cells mature alongside differentiating sperm precursor cells. The lab has a range of research interests relating to testis biology including: testicular cancer, signalling molecules involved in stem cell formation, endocrine disruptors, immune responses, as well as the unique roles of transport proteins during spermatogenesis. She serves on several journal editorial boards (Biology of Reproduction, Andrology [Associate Editor], Reproduction, Spermatogenesis) and enjoys active national (SRB) and international professional society involvement (American Society for Andrology and Society for Reproductive Biology).