Robert Seamark

Much of Professor Seamark's career was spent in the University of Adelaide, initially as a foundation lecturer in the Department Animal Physiology at the Waite Institute (1964-1969) then as Senior Lecturer / Reader in Endocrinology in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (1969-1995). In 1996 he took up appointment as Director of The Cooperative Research Centre for The Biological Control of Vertebrate Pests in Canberra and successfully established a new Centre, the Cooperative Research Centre for the Biological Control of Pest Animals in 1999, to continue the task of developing a new generation of biological control agents for pest management using the tools and knowledge offered by Molecular Biotechnology. Following his return to SA in 2001 to Jan 2004 he served as Director and Chair of the Advisory Board of The Flinders Medical Research Institute, a joint venture between Flinders University SA and Flinders Medical Centre. He presently holds an appointment as Professor in the Department of Medical Biochemistry at Flinders University SA.