Peter Kaye

Peter graduated from Monash University with a PhD in neurochemistry in 1976.  During an ARC post-doc at Murdoch University, Ray Wales taught him embryology and fostered his interest in histone regulation of embryonic development. In Calgary with NHMRC support and collaborating with Gil Schultz and Bob Church he applied amino-acid analysis and radio-tracer studies to embryos. From 1981 in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at The University of Queensland began an exploration of the then novel roles of growth factors in controlling embryonic metabolism and fetal growth. Peter served on the ASRB then SRB, Committee from 1986-97 in various capacities and subsequently as member, then Chair of the Editorial Advisory Board of RFD. The most rewarding of these roles was member, later chair of the now SRB David Healy New Investigator Award Committee which displayed the deep pool of talented reproductive biologists continuing the traditions of the society.