Brett Nixon

Brett Nixon obtained his PhD from the University of Newcastle working on a collaborative project with the Vertebrate Biocontrol CRC focused on defining the role of the male reproductive tract in post-testicular sperm maturation.  He then undertook post-doctoral research at Emory University, USA centred on the characterisation of key proteins involved in gamete interactions. In 2001, he was recruited to the University of Newcastle where he established an active research program focusing on the use of human and animal models to characterise the processes of gamete maturation. In spermatozoa, Brett is working on a number of projects with the overriding goal of elucidating the molecular mechanisms that govern sperm activation and regulate gamete interactions. In folliculogenesis, he has focussed on cell signalling pathways that contribute to the initiation of primordial follicle activation and the effects of environmental ovotoxicants. These projects are of strategic importance in the design of post-testicular methods of fertility regulation, the development of assisted conception systems for the preservation of endangered species and elucidation of the causes of human male infertility.