2018 SRB ECR Collaborative Research Travel Award


Dr Alyce Swinbourne (University of Adelaide) and Dr Tamara Keeley (University of Queensland)

Alyce and Tamara will use the funds for the project entitled “The analysis and validation of a glucocorticoid enzyme-immunoassay (EIA) for colostrum, milk and faeces collected from gestating Merino ewes”. Alyce will be travelling to the University of Queensland to be trained by Tamara in conducting and developing an in-house glucocorticoid EIA that will be established at the University of Adelaide’s Roseworthy Campus. From this it is hoped Alyce will be able to set up an endocrine assay lab that can measure numerous hormone concentrations in a wide range of biological samples from domestic species. It is envisaged this fund will help to strengthen new links between the two research groups.


ECR3                                                                TAMARA KEELEY2