2017 SRB ECR Collaborative Research Travel Award




Dr Fiona Brownfoot (University of Melbourne) and Ms Sarah Delforce (University of Newcastle)

This award will establish a new collaboration and enable Sarah Delforce to learn the isolation of primary human cytotrophoblast and human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) from human placenta. In addition, Sarah will learn how to culture and treat these cells in vitro. This will provide the Newcastle team with a more clinically relevant model of human placentation than the immortalised cell lines currently used, thus improving their experiments, publications and impact are defining the importance of the renin-angiotensin system. The researchers envision that taking these new techniques back to Newcastle will result in at least one co-authored publication and the relationship gained through this initiative will lead to further collaborative efforts and research outputs.

Sarah DelforceFiona Brownfoot2





Dr Jessie Sutherland (University of Newcastle) and Dr Kylie Dunning (University of Adelaide)

The SRB award will be used for Jessie Sutherland to travel to the Robinson Research Institute, University of Adelaide. Whilst there, Jessie will utilise the expertise of Kylie Dunning to learn immature follicle isolation and culture, in addition to IVF and embryo culture in mice. Jessie will in turn provide training in ovarian explant culture and non-surgical embryo transfer (NSET) in mice. Furthermore, the researchers will plan their future long-term research collaborations and provide Jessie with the opportunity to give a research seminar on her work, as well as have discussions with numerous researchers at the Robinson Research Institute.

Jessie Sutherland2  Kylie Dunning